Renowned lawyer shares insider tips from his years overseeing top-tier financial deals

A renowned international lawyer is sharing all that he has learned from decades of overseeing massive financial transactions, and what he has to say may surprise you.

For more than twenty years, Dr. David Kubes has been involved in the world of high finance. As a renowned international aviation lawyer, import-export business owner and consultant, he knows first-hand what it takes to make successful financial decisions. Now, as a Right Riches for You facilitator, Kubes is sharing all that he has learned from the world of high finance so that the average person can learn how to make great financial decisions with the funds they have.

Surprisingly, he says the most successful transactions actually have very little to do with money. 

“What I have learned is that making good money is about doing what excites you. Everyone I know who owns and runs a huge company didn’t start with the intent to make money. The idea, the passion, always comes first”, he advises.

Vitally, Kubes warns against following the crowd and making financial decisions just ‘because everyone else’ is doing so. This, he says, does not create more. “When you talk about making big money, duplication doesn’t work. Everybody out there who really created something greater, didn’t duplicate – they created something that hadn’t existed before”, he says.

“Of course, then the biggest challenge is that the most brilliant ideas are, inevitably, not logical or rational. So a major factor of the most successful financial transactions is that you can’t stop for a reality check. You have to just follow the passion; the creativity.”

From his years of formulating and overseeing major financial deals, Kubes shares the following financial advice:

Bring it back to what excites you. The moment you go into “how can I make money from this?” you will stop the creativity. High financiers have a vision and a dream: they know where they want to be but don’t determine how to get there.

Duplication doesn’t work. People who make the largest financial windfalls do so by creating something that hasn’t been there before. In the world of high finance, the focus is never on “how can I make money?” It’s always about the idea of creating something that’s never existed before.

Don’t do a reality check. Looking outside of yourself for validation is foolish, because this only reflects what has been possible in the past. If you are creating something new, then people will inevitably going to try to talk you out of it – because it doesn’t exist and they can’t see the value in it. Stop comparing yourself with others – instead, become the person who is duplicated by others. 

Be more natural in your approach to wealth. Nature has no logic; it allows things to grow where it’s easiest to grow and it doesn’t follow the rules. Being more natural with your finances means follow the flow of what is showing up. Forget schedules or personal deadlines. 

Know you can’t do everything on your own. A gift of high-flyers is that they know when they need to ask for help and expertise. Be willing to involve others who can enhance and support your idea. It’s important, though, that you don’t buy into their entire point of view – educate yourself before you contact a specialist.

Most importantly, Kubes explains that the world’s wealthiest investors never function from a point of view of failure. “If you want to create a better financial situation for yourself, don’t doubt that’s its possible and realise you can’t fail. When you’re having fun, there is no failure. You may spend money that day and not get it back, but you can appreciate that it was fun to give it a try. The only people who fail are those focused on a specific outcome, because they don’t get what they want.”

Dr. David Kubes is an international lawyer specialising in aviation law, finance and international project management. In 2006 he opened his own boutique law firm Kubes Passeyrer Attorneys at Law. A savvy entrepreneur, he also owns several companies including an import-export company in Cuba, an Art Galleryin Vienna and his own real estate development company in Vienna. Kubes is fluent in German, English, Spanish and French and is an avid world traveller. He is a European-licenced coach and alternative dispute resolution practitioner and heads an international coaching and consulting company. He is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Right Riches for You and Right Voice for You.