To understand why business etiquette is never out of fashion, we have to go back in time. The initial idea of etiquette was not to tell you what to do or to make you wrong for not creating separation between social classes. Rather etiquette was designed to honor the person you are with, to show them respect and to treat them kindly and elegantly. It was part of celebration of life, and a way to create a special moment where you enjoy and honor yourself and those around you.

Taking these thoughts and ideas about etiquette to 2020 will immediately change our point of view about etiquette. Business etiquette defines standards to not offend each other without knowing, to create a space where people involved are honored and respected. When you are in business you want to create business relationships, sell your product and at the end make money. Following business etiquette is not about copying others and never standing out. It is not designed to make all of us equal and the same. To the contrary: True business etiquette will make you unique and stand out because of it.

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